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Welcome to Wailea Ekahi. We hope you have a wonderful stay with us in our modern vacation rental condos. Here you’ll find useful information on groceries, activities, restaurants, and various other topics. This is a living document and we regularly update it for new information – please let us know of any errors, comments or suggestions and we’ll consider those in future updates.

We have deleted all services and restaurants operated out of any of the hotels in Wailea. The hotel lobby has strongly supported state and county efforts to eliminate or severely curtail legal short-term vacation rentals on Maui. We can vote with our money and so we no longer support the Wailea hotels in any way, whatsoever. We suggest you try the many other fine restaurants and businesses throughout Wailea and South Maui. 

Aloha, and enjoy your visit to Maui!

Disclaimer – The content of this Visitor Information page is for guests of Ekahi Vacation Condos and is provided for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to be all-inclusive or complete. While we strive to stay up to date, the information provided may not always be the most recent information available on that topic. All content is presented as is, with no expressed or implied warranties. The websites to which links are provided are for informational purposes, but have no connection or affiliation with us. We are not responsible for the content on sites for which we have provided links. Business operations may change – please check websites for updates.

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