The condos are available to book up to 720 days in advance of your stay. Please contact us if you wish to book further out. 


This booking platform may limit the dates of your reservation due to minimum night requirements or creating gaps in our calendar. Please contact us through the 'Send Inquiry' button or by email at with special requests or if you have difficulties completing you booking.

Rental charges, fees, and taxes are provided once the property, dates and number of guests are selected above. If you pay by credit card, there will be an additional 3% processing fee added later in the booking process. We also accept checks, money orders, and certified checks, and that option will show up at the payment stage. If you wish to see our seasonal rates, please visit the individual properties on the Properties page. For a summary of fees and taxes, please see our Policies.


Ekahi Vacation Condos is
located at Wailea Ekahi Village 
in South Maui, Hawaii

3300 Wailea Alanui Drive, Wailea, HI, 96753

+1 (403) 608-2034

Ekahi Vcation Condos Location Map

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