The rental car operations are all located in a new structure just a short distance from the Kahului airport, but not attached to the terminal. A small train shuttle is available and only takes a few minutes (located directly across the street when exiting the terminal). You can also walk there along a dedicated sidewalk following the train line, which takes just under 10 minutes. If you’re traveling in a group with a lot of luggage, consider having one person get the rental vehicle and drive back to the terminal to pick up their party and luggage. Just be mindful that the security guards will not allow you to park in the loading area in front of the terminal for any length of time, but you can circle around and come past again.


We've provided embedded Google Maps links from the airport to each condo as well as overview map images with directions (click the images to expand the maps). In general, follow signs for Kihei / Wailea / Makena as you leave the airport as they're all headed the same direction.


1.  Leave the airport car rental center or pickup zone along Airport Road headed southwest towards Kahului. You will see a sign for Kihei shortly after leaving the airport.

2.  Follow Airport Road for approximately 2 miles and turn left onto HI-311 (Puunene Avenue).  This will be the third set of lights after leaving the airport (the first set of lights is the intersection with the Hana Highway (HI-36), and the second set is the intersection with Dairy Road / Pakaula Street). There is a large church on your left at the HI-311 Puunene Avenue intersection.

3.  Continue to follow HI-311 south (it will shortly become Mokulele Highway), which will eventually become HI-31 (Piilani Highway), for approximately 14 miles past the numerous turn-offs for Kihei. This is the easy part of the drive and there are no turns. Be mindful of speed limits here as this stretch of road is regularly patrolled.

4.  As you enter Wailea, HI-31 (Piilani Highway) will eventually change from two southbound lanes to a single southbound lane; stay in the left lane and go straight through. Turn right at the first intersection after the road has become a single southbound lane. This will be Okolani Drive. The intersection is signed but does not have traffic lights and can be a bit hard to see at night. Skip to Step 5 if you made the turn, but if you miss the intersection, don’t worry  just keep driving straight into Wailea and make your way back on Wailea Alanui Drive (Piilani Highway will curve right and head into Wailea and end at Wailea Alanui Drive, turn right and follow this to the stop sign and intersection with Okolani Drive, you will now be at the same intersection as described in Step 5 below, but headed north instead of west).

5.  Follow Okolani Drive west in the direction of the ocean to the four-way stop. Wailea Ekahi is the property ahead of you and to the left (at 11 o’clock). Next, follow the instructions below to the parking lots of either 28A/35B, 21B or 6C. Once you arrive at the parking lot, you can park in any of the available spaces unless they are signed for disabilities. A parking permit is required during your stay, although if you arrive late this can wait until the office is open. Please visit the Wailea Ekahi Administration Office at your earliest convenience to obtain a parking permit. Their hours are 8.00am to 4.00pm, 7 days a week (closed for lunch 12.00pm to 1.00pm). They are located in Unit 18B.


EKAHI 28A & 35B For guests of 28A & 35B, go straight (west) through the intersection following Okolani Drive (Wailea Ekahi is on your left) and turn left at the sign for Wailea Ekahi Buildings 24-35. There will be signs for the parking lots of Building 28 (right) and Building 35 (left).

EKAHI 21B For guests of 21B, go straight (west) through the intersection following Okolani Drive (Wailea Ekahi is on your left) and turn left at the bend at the bottom of the hill onto South Kihei Road. Turn left again at the sign for Wailea Ekahi Buildings 20-23 and park behind Building 21.


EKAHI 6C For guests of 6C, go left (south) at the intersection following Wailea Alanui Drive (Wailea Ekahi is on your right) and turn right at the sign for Wailea Ekahi Buildings 1-17. There will be signs to take you directly to the Building 6 parking lot, which is near the end.


It’s now time to relax on beautiful Maui. Aloha, and enjoy your vacation!​

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