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Click on the Google Maps links for directions to each condo. In general, follow signs for Kihei / Wailea / Makena as you leave the airport as they're all headed the same direction. The drive is approximately 16 miles (25km) and takes about 30 minutes.


Once you arrive at the parking lot for your building, you can park in any of the available spaces unless they are already signed for disabilities. A parking permit is required during your stay, which is available in the condo or at the Wailea Ekahi administrative office (Unit 18B). Please complete the middle portion of the permit and place it in the black Parking Permit Dropbox located on the wall in the office lobby. The permits may be dropped off any time between 7am and 10pm. Office hours are 8am to 4pm every day, closed 12pm to 1pm for lunch.

The rental car operations are all located in a new structure just a short distance from the Kahului airport, but not attached to the terminal. A small train shuttle is available and only takes a few minutes (located directly across the street when exiting the terminal). You can also walk there along a dedicated sidewalk following the train line, which takes about 10 minutes. If you’re traveling in a group with a lot of luggage, consider having one person get the rental vehicle and drive back to the terminal to pick up their party and luggage. Just be mindful that the security guards will not allow you to park in the loading area in front of the terminal for any length of time, but you can circle around and come past again.

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